Frequently asked questions checks the online prices of products of different supermarkets and works out the biggest savings across products to save you money. If you click on a product you can see more detail about the product and the prices from various supermarkets. We list a price history for each supermarket product and how the price has decreased or increased over time.
The prices of the products are online prices and subject to availability at various stores. From research we have conducted, the online price more often than not matches the price in store. If you want to guarantee the price both Makro and Dischem offer free click and collect services so you are guranteed to get the prooduct at the price listed on our website. Click and collect shopping is a convenient way to save both time and money. We are also currently looking at ways of bringing more instore prices online so that you can get the best prices at the stores you shop at the most. Additionally products which are on special online are also more often than not on special in store so if you see a product on special on our website you can look out for it when you are in the shop. From the price history section of a product if you a see a next to a product that means on the date we checked the price the product was on special. Our data shows that a product can go on special for anything from a 1 to 8 weeks.
Product prices are refreshed several times a week.
Currently we are tracking the prices of most fast moving consumer goods for Picknpay, Woolworths, Dischem and Makro.
Our software indexes the websites of the retailers and fetches the prices from their websites. At any given time the retailers can remove the product off their website or a product may be discontinued. Therefore we can no longer track that price and keep the prices up to date. We keep the product on our website however so should it come back online at the retailer we can continue to track it.